Coldcard Q Promo


NVK wanted to produce a fun and visually impressive promo video for the Coldcard Q. The challenge was to come up with something that balanced the seriousness of the device with the playful nature of Coinkite’s brand. We settled on an 80s theme that meshed well with the retro look of the device and also gave me the opportunity to create a cool Tron lightcycle scene using the PCB.

Product Renders

2021 – Ongoing

I’ve been working with NVK on various 3D product renders for Coinkite for a few years now.

There are several benefits to this approach versus photographs, including the ability to visualize products before production, control lighting and material properties with repeatable results, and standardize product imagery between SKUs.

How to Clone or Migrate Your Coldcard
Coldcard Easy Setup Guide
Smartphone NFC Locations
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Tutorial Videos

2021 – 2022

I helped Coinkite create several animated tutorials for their Coldcard product. The aim was to produce a series of high end videos that were approachable and integrated well with their existing brand.

I also ended up providing the voiceovers because NVK said I sounded good, thus becoming the Official Voice of Coinkite.

Coldcard Q1 Reveal
Coldcard Mk4 Colorways
Opendime LED Banner at Bitcoin 2022 Miami
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Product Videos


In addition to product renders, I created several animated short videos featuring the Coldcard Mk4 and Coldcard Q1, as well as graphics for LED banner ads at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami.

Mk3 Unofficial Volumetric Model

May 2020

This was a personal project and not something commissioned by Coinkite. I modeled the Coldcard Mk3 based off of measurements I took of the actual device so that I could design a friction case for it.

This model is now listed on the Coldcard Docs site as an unofficial volumetric model.